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Data from the Dark Sky Simulations
Dark Sky Halo World

Each point represents a single dark matter particle from the ds14_a simulation. The color of the particle is based on the radial velocity with respect to the center of mass of the halo being shown. Blue is moving towards the center. Red/orange is moving away.

You may choose a different halo by entering a number in the upper left box, between 1 and 1000 (for now). When you click the load button, it will look up the binary offsets into the 34 TB file located in our data release, and request them on-the-fly to be loaded into Javascript ArrayBuffer's. The data for each halo is *not* stored separately.

You can use your mouse to control the view: click-drag will change the right ascension/decliation, double click zooms in, and mouse scroll-wheel zooms in and out.

The following key bindings are also available: left, right, up, down (scroll the view), +, - (zoom), r (reset view).

WebGL and the three.js library are used for rendering.

Based on the The LWA Sky website, which was based on the The cosmic microwave backround website by Damien George.